Jumping from student to full-time working girl has been a bit of a shock to me. I think you can probably guess this as the reason it has taken until now, eight months in, for me to write a blog post. There’s nothing like been thrown into the deep end when it comes to the busy world of work!

I’ve only got two months until my placement at Briscoe French comes to an end, I can’t believe it has gone so fast!

What I’ve been up to

Taking a year out to do some work in the real world has certainly been exciting and kept me on my toes. No week has been the same either –  from learning about and taking on the many different aspects of PR to dealing with clients and agency life, my role has been varied and taught me new skills and lessons in business.

Here is just a few of the things I’ve been up to:

  • Attending face to face client meetings
  • Representing the agency at networking events across the South
  • Working on live projects
  • Putting together initial proposals and taking part in pitches for new business
  • Reporting back to clients on the success of campaigns
  • Designing creative assets for communications outputs
  • Developing skills in PR, copywriting and marketing

A quick video roundup

In December I went back to university to present what I’d been up to in my role to my peers and inspire younger students to take up a placement year.

I ended up making a short video as part of the presentation so thought I would share it with you.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 16.12.47.png

Have you got a question about your placement year? Want to find out more about what I’ve been up to? Get in touch – I’m more than happy to help!


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