Welcome to my website! I’m Holly. Keen marketer, ambitious career girl and student at the University of Southampton.

I’m using this website as an opportunity to show you what I can do. Here, I talk about my experiences in the world of work, blog about my interests and share golden nuggets of advice as I learn along the way. Be sure to check out how I can help you too!

I first purchased my domain after taking a university module called Living and Working on the Web. Learning from experts like Lisa and Nic inspired me to go one step further in developing my online presence; in addition to the blog that I set up about web science and digital marketing themes as part of the course.

I hope to get my creative juices flowing and fill this website with interesting and quality content. You might find that my content is varied – I hope you don’t mind. I’ve always been inquisitive,  so narrowing it down into just one topic was impossible for me! Mostly, my posts will document what I’m up to and what I’m learning, almost like an online CV. 

More about me

I’m from Hampshire in the UK but spent part of my childhood living and being educated over in North America. Travelling at a young age influenced my entrepreneurial spirit and my ambition to experience as much as I can. It’s also the reason that I still support the underdogs of the NFL- the Jacksonville Jaguars. They just keep on trying.

When I’m not obsessing on my next travel destination I’m usually found watching beauty bloggers on YouTube, testing out my cake design skills in the kitchen and occasionally at the gym.

Want to get in touch? You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or on my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you’re not a social media butterfly feel free to contact me using my online form.